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All you need to know about the best Dorset sunsets. Discover the best places to enjoy watching the sun go down with loved ones and friends.

Whether you are enjoying a holiday in Dorset with your significant other, family or a group of friends, there is no better way to see the day off than being witness to one of Dorset’s breathtaking sunsets.

We think that watching the sun go down in Dorset should be on everyone’s bucket list. With amazing coastlines, stunning rock formations and rolling hills, there are so many viewpoints to choose from, the only question is which one will you choose.

Professional photographers and Instagrammers alike will be in their element in Dorset. If you are hoping to capture that picture-perfect moment we would always recommend checking the sunset times and positions online. Visit the SunCalc website to ensure that you choose the right location dependent on the time of year. It is also worth bearing in mind that some hotspots such as Durdle Door and Corfe Castle can get extremely busy during the summer months, so you might choose to opt for a less busy location during this period.

So, without further ado…

Top 9 Locations to Enjoy The Best Dorset Sunsets:

1. Durdle Door

You just can’t beat watching the sunset in one of the most photographed places in the whole UK. This iconic landmark is home to a long beach, allowing you to watch the sunlight up the arc from below across the top of the hill.

2. Corfe Castle

The sunset behind the ruins of Corfe Castle is a truly magical sight to behold. We highly recommend the walk up the West Hill and watching it from a distance – it’s a sight you will be sure to remember forever.

3. Weymouth Harbour

If you are visiting or staying in Weymouth, then enjoy watching the sunset behind the Weymouth marina. Enjoy fish & chips whilst watching the stunning hues reflect on the beautiful cottages along the harbour. You might even get lucky and see the sunset mirrored in the harbour waters.

4. Swyre Head

Prepare yourself for a beautiful walk along the coast and a mound that offers a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the spectacle. It is actually the highest point in Purbeck, so the views towards Corfe Castle and Kimmeridge are simply delightful.

5. White Nothe

You can watch the sunset from the top of White Nothe all year round, but photographically, it is equally a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise. It means that you can enjoy beautiful views towards Durdle Door one way, with the Isle of Portland to the other. As it’s a couple of miles from the nearest road, you may very well be lucky enough to watch the sunset in isolation, making it your very own.

6. Portland Bill

You will find Portland Bill lighthouse at the southern end of the Isle of Portland. It is one of the most rugged places to watch the sunset any time of the year. It’s also amazing to watch the crashing waves on the famous Pulpit Rock. Discover more incredible things to do on the Isle of Portland.

7. Colmer’s Hill

You might’ve seen this picturesque hill with a number of Scots pine trees at the top. It’s about a mile from Bridport – making it easily accessible for everyone. It is potentially one of the most photographed, drawn and painted hills in the South West. Two Dorset photographers even dedicated a website to this hill and the stunning photos it produces!

8. Gold Hill

Gold Hill is a steep cobbled street in the town of Shaftesbury and the view is stunning! It became famous in 1973 as it was the main setting for that iconic Hovis bread advertisement. The Guardian readers picked it as Britain’s favourite advertisement of all time.

9. Chesil Beach

The sunsets over the shingle beach of Chesil Beach are absolutely unrivalled. If you take your camera, the dotted tents of fishermen make a nice addition to the shot. Sit on the pebbles and watch the waves crash to the shore. Another viewpoint can be found by walking up the hill to enjoy the stunning scenery from the Olympic Rings. Both spots are amazing and we suggest you try and make time to experience both!

Dorset is full of picture-perfect sunset locations! For more Dorset inspiration, why not check out the best beaches in Dorset or these five Dorset towns that you must visit!