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No visit to Weymouth would be complete without visiting the historical Weymouth Harbour. Take the family on a journey through history as you wander around the beautiful port of Weymouth.

Whether you are hoping to learn about the rich history of Weymouth’s trade routes or want to sit down in a quaint café, Weymouth Harbour is the perfect spot for you.

Grab some fish and chips or creamy ice cream and go on an adventure along the historic seafront.

Find out more about Weymouth Harbour and plan your next visit below…

Discover more about Weymouth Harbour

Around the 17th-century, Weymouth Harbour as we know it was built. However, some records show Weymouth had a working port all the way back in 1347.

It has been an integral part of the UK’s trade links for many centuries. The focus for many of these links where cross channel trade.

On the outskirts of Wyke Regis, the area was home to two boroughs Melcombe Regis and Weymouth. However, these two towns merged as a double borough in 1571.

In 1848, a regular ferry service from Weymouth Harbour beganThe service would take people along the coast to Devon and Hampshire and continued until 1967.

Over the years, the harbour has seen many bridges. Nowadays the bridge we can see was built in 1930. That allows boats to enter the inner harbour.

The Black Death at Weymouth Harbour

Many consider Weymouth Harbour the first location the plague entered in the UK.

And many believe the reason the plague spread was due to the residents moving inland to try and escape the disease.

The rats carrying the Black Death came across on either a spice ship or an army ship.

Facts About Weymouth Harbour

  1. Due to the traditional look and feel of Weymouth Harbour, partial filming of Dunkirk took place here.
  2. During the 2012 Olympics, many sailing events took place along the Weymouth coast.

What to do near Weymouth Harbour

Weymouth Dock

There is so much to do on your visit to Weymouth Harbour. Whether you are hoping to learn more about the port’s rich history or grab a bite to eat with the family, the port is full of things to do.

Take a look at some of the best things to do at Weymouth Harbour below.

Restaurants & Cafes

Along the waterfront, there are a variety of family-friendly restaurants to enjoy.

The southern coast is famous for its freshly caught seafood, and Weymouth is no exception.

The Seafood Bar and Sun Terrace offer a collection of local seafood that focuses on the delicious flavours of the sea.

Three menus are available at different points throughout the day. And the BBQ menu is a great choice to try a collection of lobster, prawns, and mackerel.

If you follow the harbour along, you can also enjoy the fantastic choices from The George Bar and Grilland Bennet’s Fish and Chips.

Although, if you aren’t quite looking for something quite as filling, the EBIKE CAFÉ and Nanna Moon’s Café are a great choice.


If you’re looking for a drink, there are a variety of bars in the area.

Rendezvous is a sports bar where you can find all the latest action from football, rugby, and cricket.

The bar has a cocktail menu, real ale, food, and children are welcome until 8 PM.

If looking to add a hint of class to your evening, Vinolo is a popular wine bar along the waterfront.

An expert carefully selects each wine on the menu. And there is a range of snacks to accompany your selection.

Pleasure Pier

Pier at Weymouth

Take a walk along the almost 100-year-old pier and look out for the incoming boats and ships.

There are a variety of old fishing boats, colourful houses, and luxury yachts to look out for.

Afterwards, why not settle down in one of the pubs or restaurants above?

Weymouth Pavilion

Weymouth Pavilion is one of the most visited places in Weymouth.

They host a variety of shows that draw in some of entertainment’s biggest names. 2022 has seen the music of Ed Sheeran, Queen and the Hollies hit the stage.

But music isn’t your only choice; you can also enjoy wrestling events and comedians.

Alexandra Gardens

Alexandra Gardens is a fun-filled fairground with candy floss, amusement arcades and dizzying rides.

If the weather isn’t great or you want to get out of the sun, the indoor section of the arcade is a perfect place to shelter.

Dog Beach

If you’re out and about with your four-legged friends, the dog beach at Weymouth Harbour is a great visit.

Parking at the pavilion car park, you can take a relaxing stroll along the beach with the picturesque Weymouth Docks behind you.

If you want to try fishing at Weymouth Harbour, make sure to check out our Weymouth tide times blog.

Similar Attractions

Why not stop by one of these other attractions on your visit.

Dorset is full of family-friendly attractions that are great for keeping the whole family entertained.

Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour is Europe’s largest natural harbour.

There are a variety of water sports to try, or you can take a hike through the surrounding woodland.

Take the kids and enjoy a day of blue flag beaches, hunting for fossils and building sandcastles.

Isle of Portland

As a central point to the Jurassic Coast, the Isle of Portland has been part of British culture for centuries.

With links to St Paul’s Cathedral, the Olympic Games and a World Heritage Site, the Isle of Portland is an opportunity to learn more about British heritage.

Why not check out these cottages on the Isle of Portland?

Chesil Beach

Chesil Beach is a must if you enjoy taking long walks along the beach.

The 18-mile beach stretches from West Bay to Portland.

You can head out on a long walk or try and catch your next meal fishing from the beach.

Events at Weymouth Harbour

christmas day swim

Weymouth Harbour hosts a variety of annual events throughout the year. Many of these showcase the local traditions and heritage.

Check out these events at Weymouth Harbour to enjoy this year.

Dorset Seafood Festival

The Dorset Seafood Festival draws in crowds from all over the world to enjoy some of the freshest seafood Dorset offers.

Usually taking place in September, SEAFEAST offers fresh seafood, alcohol, live performances from chefs, music and a range of fun activities for kids.

Christmas Day Swim

The annual Christmas Day swim is only for the brave.

Taking a dip in the chilly waters is a tradition that keeps growing for many of the locals, year-on-year.

If you aren’t quite ready to take the dip, you can watch the swimmers from the Harbourside and cheer them on as they go.

Booking is necessary if you want to take part.

Accommodation in Weymouth

Why not make the most of your visit to Weymouth Harbour with a break in one of these Weymouth holiday cottages.

The self-catering accommodation in Weymouth gives you the freedom of your private cottage. From here, you can head out, explore the local area, and enjoy the ability to prepare your food how you like.

Weymouth Harbour is full of entertainment and things to do on your trip to Dorset. 

Whether you are looking to enjoy a bite of fish and chips, taking a long walk along the waterfront, or enduring a Christmas swim, there is plenty on offer at Weymouth Harbour.

Book your Weymouth cottage with Dream Cottages and plan your next trip to Weymouth Harbour today.

Image Credits – GoVanTan – (CC BY 2.0)