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Tide Times at Weymouth - Blue Sea on the Beach

Whether surfing, fishing or going for a stroll along the beach, the Weymouth tide times are vital to ensure you have a great day out.

Throughout the day, there are multiple low tides and high tides in Weymouth.

Make the most of your visit to Weymouth by checking the tide times and enjoying a day out with the family on a boat, on the beach or just wandering around Weymouth harbour.

Find out the live Weymouth tide times with our handy guide below…

Weymouth Tide Time Chart

Using the handy tide chart above, you can easily see low tide and high tide for Weymouth over the next five days.

If you hover over the graph, you can get an idea of what the Weymouth tide will be at any point throughout the day.

The high points on the graph show the high tide in Weymouth, and the low points show the low tide.

Underneath the tide chart, you can also see a brief up-to-date description of the water levels at this very moment.

How often does the Tide Change?

Rising Tide at Weymouth

Across the world, most coastlines experience two high tides and two low tides every 24 hours and 50 minutes.

But why is it 24 hours and 50 minutes? Well, that is because that is how long a lunar day lasts.

As the earth rotates on its axis, the moon travels around the globe in the same direction.

That means as the earth returns to its original point (24 hours), the moon has moved further along its orbit. So the earth needs a little longer to catch up.

Therefore, high tide in Weymouth happens every twelve hours and twenty-five minutes. And a low tide in Weymouth every six hours and twelve minutes after the high tides.

Why do we need to know the Tide Times in Weymouth?

Sunny day over Weymouth Beach

People are always on the lookout for the ideal tide in Weymouth. But what is the perfect tide?

Well, that depends on what you are visiting Weymouth for.

Check out these popular coastal activities to see how the Weymouth tide times affect them.


surfing in dorset

Not many people choose to surf at Weymouth Beach. That is because the surfing conditions aren’t the best in the region.

If you want to surf in Dorset, try heading out to popular spots like Kimmeridge Bay, Bournemouth Beach, Lyme Regis or Portland Harbour.

When it comes to surfing, the tides can be crucial. Choosing the wrong tide will lead to no swell and small waves.

You should aim for a rising tide if you are hoping to surf.

That way, you can maximise a few hours of swell perfect for surfing along the southern coast.

If you want to surf in Lyme Regis, check out these Lyme Regis holiday cottages.


fishing off weymouth harbour

Are you looking to take the kids out for an afternoon of fishing? It’s a great way to keep them entertained and helps them learn more about the local marine life.

But keeping an eye on the tide times will give you a better chance of landing some of Weymouth’s fish.

Incoming Tide

Around an estuary, as the tide rises, the ocean water lowers the estuary temperature and provides more oxygen.

That gives the fish a perfect opportunity to feed.

So throwing your line out during an incoming tide is a great way to find that perfect catch.

Outgoing Tide

An outgoing tide requires a little more thought.

If you are trying your luck around Weymouth Harbour, throw your line near the harbour structures.

Bigger predatory fish will hide around these structures as they provide the perfect ambush for any unsuspecting fish.

When it comes to fishing, there are no guarantees. Be sure to speak to one of the local experts to find out where the best places are to get started.

Walking at Low Tide in Weymouth

walking along chesil beach

Walking in Weymouth is one of the best ways to see the area.

The seaside town is full of quirky shops and delicious seafood restaurants.

But the best way to refresh and unwind is by taking a long walk along the beach.

Choosing a low tide is the best way to go. The low tide opens up the beach allowing you to stretch your legs, and offers firm wet sand to walk on.

Weymouth Beach can get extremely busy during the summer months. So it may be worth heading out to one of the quieter beaches in the area.

Check out our list of 17 beaches near Weymouth to enjoy for your low tide walk.

None of these activities pique your interest? Why not check out these 11 things to do in Weymouth the next time you visit?

Keep an Eye on the Weather


While it is a good idea to keep an eye on the tide times in Weymouth, the weather is also something to watch out for.

Nobody wants to find themselves stranded in the rain at the beach.

That’s why we have this weather app so that you can find the updated tide times in Weymouth alongside the seven-day forecast.

July and August are the hottest months on average, with highs of 20°C, giving you a chance to get out and explore the local area.

Whether you are looking for a high tide in Weymouth to go swimming or a low tide to go walking, you can find everything you need to know with Dream Cottages.

The Weymouth tide times are always changing so be sure to check back before you head out.

Make the most of the southern coast by staying in one of these holiday cottages in Weymouth

Book your holiday, check the tide times in Weymouth and head out for a holiday perfect for the whole family.