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In our last inspiration page article, Dream Cottages shared some information about the best beaches to visit in Dorset. But these beaches weren’t all suitable for our canine companions. While on some beaches dogs have limited access, the following beaches are dog-friendly and perfect for our four-legged friends to go barking mad!

Bowleaze Cove

A sandy and pebbled beach, Bowleaze Cove is located close to Weymouth town and is perfect for a paddle, or perhaps a swim on a sunny day.

Why not try the scenic walk to Bowleaze Cove from Osmington Mills, along the beautiful South West Coast Path. It is a short walk of 3.5 miles, but you’ll love the undulating path and your dog will enjoy the adventure too!

Have a look at the South West Coast Path website for more information on this and many other pleasant coastal walks.


Chesil Beach

At around 18 miles long Chesil beach is certainly a spectacle to behold, even more so when you learn that, for a large portion of the stretch, this unique beach is actually separated from the mainland by an area of saline water, known as the Fleet Lagoon.  The unusual beach consists of a pebbled bank that stretches from all the way from Portland to West Bay. The waters can sometimes be dangerous due to steep shelving and strong currents, but is very popular among water sports enthusiasts!

There are plenty of access points along the stretch of the beach and, if you get far enough along, you’ll notice that the pebbles actually get bigger towards the Portland end of the beach.

Christchurch – Mudeford Sandbank Beach

Mudeford Sandbank beach can be accessed on foot, by bike or by land train from Hengistbury Head. In the summer, it is also possible to get there by ferry from Mudeford Quay or Christchurch Quay.

It is a sandy beach with plenty of facilities and activities (like jetskiing, swimming, kayaking, wind surfing and water skiing).

The beach has fabulous views of Christchurch harbour and the Isle of Wight.

Church Ope Cove

Located near the village of Wakeham and Fortuneswell town, Church Ope Cove is a small and secluded pebbled beach that makes for a serene, pleasant and calming outing.

The name “Church Ope” stems from the fact that there was once a church at the top of the cliff. The church was called St Andrews. What’s more, apparently “Ope” was historically used in local dialect for “an opening in the cliffs down to the water’s edge”.

There is a walk down to the beach and a steep walk back up. There are two paths to choose from; the main one follows the road past Portland museum, and another one runs through a small area of woodland around the outside of Pennsylvania Castle.

Because the beach is nestled amongst three cliff tops, it is very sheltered. In addition, Chesil beach is home to many popular beach huts which are well sought after and personalized by their owners.

There are plenty of dog-friendly beaches in Dorset, that can offer you and your perfect pooch a wonderful day out. To check out other dog-friendly beaches, have a look at the beach guide website.

For more information about dog-friendly beaches in Dorset or to chat about hiring a holiday cottage, contact Dream-Cottages on 01305 789000.