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Springer Spaniels Running Through Field

We are a nation of dog lovers with many of us choosing to take our four-legged friends on family holidays as well as romantic breaks. The popularity of pet friendly cottages has been on the rise and this trend doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon.

Pet owners don’t want the expense of kennels and catteries or, the worry of being away from their much loved furry member of the family.

If you have decided to accept dogs, then Dream Cottages have some pet friendly recommendations for your holiday let.

This will guarantee both human and canine guests will have a wonderful stay and that your property is well prepared.


Pets are of course prone to accidents, especially in new surroundings. Wooden or laminate flooring is far easier to clean than deep, thick piled carpet.

Hard flooring cannot be chewed or become matted with fur therefore is the most cost-effective option when welcoming pets.

Home comforts

Dog in Maltings House

You can provide some squeaky toys and dog chews for your canine guests. This will help ensure that they don’t take a liking to your furnishings!

These will be a happy distraction when left unsupervised overnight and may minimise the risk of any damage to the inside of your property.

Provide a dog bed and bowls so pets don’t take to sleeping in the comfy armchair or drinking from your china bowls!

No go areas

Providing a stair gate at the foot of the stairs will stop pets from going up into the bedrooms. Whilst you may have settled for hard flooring downstairs; you may wish for guests to have the warmth of carpet upstairs of which you would like to keep dog hair free.

This will also stop pets from going on the beds.

Even if you don’t have stairs in your property, the use of a stair gate can block off any area you wish to remain pet-free. It’s also a good idea to provide throws and blankets for guests to put down over the soft furnishings.

You can state in your welcome folder that dogs are not allowed on the furniture however this cannot be monitored. By providing these, hopefully, dog hair on the sofas and chairs will be kept to a minimum.


An enclosed garden for dogs to run around and play in without the fear of them escaping is hugely beneficial.

Leave some bags and a scoop to make it easy for guests to clear up after their pets. You can even provide a separate bin for this to be discarded of.

Dog-friendly recommendations

Dogs really are man’s best friend and are treated just like one of the family. Most owners are likely to take their pet with them on days out.

Recommending some pet friendly places to eat and drink will make guests feel as if you have catered for their pet.

Dorset is really dog friendly  so by making your home pet friendly, you’ll increase bookings for your holiday let.