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Kayaking through Durdle Door

Guest Blog written by Steph the creator of Destination Downtime.

After recently exploring this picturesque part of the Jurassic Coastline by foot, I couldn’t wait to return for a kayaking adventure, the sea is the most amazing turquoise colour here and the surroundings are just beautiful. The beaches you can access by travelling on the water opens up so many more exciting places to discover, and the best part is, they’re away from the busy tourists spots! This was one of my favourite summer day trips, as well as one of my highly recommended kayaking routes in the UK.

Kayaking through Durdle Door

Kayaking is one of those outdoor activities you have to try, it opens up so many different locations to explore that you just can’t reach by foot.

About the area

Durdle Door

Durdle Door is situated on the Jurassic coast and is an iconic landscape created naturally from eroding limestone which forms an impressive archway in the sea. Popular amongst photographers for its picturesque views. Lulworth Cove offers a beautiful white pebble beach with turquoise water and stunning surroundings.

Where to eat

Lulworth Cove

  • The Boat Shed Cafe and Finley’s Cafe for 26 flavours of ice cream! Located at Lulworth Cove.
  • The Castle Inn in West Lulworth has a lovely beer garden to soak up the sun and relax with a drink.
  • Alternatively pack a picnic, there are so many fantastic spots to stop for lunch whilst enjoying the view.

The Kayaking Route

The starting point for this kayaking route is Lulworth Cove care park. (BH20 5RS) From here you can easily walk down Lulworth Cove and into the sea.

Lulworth Cove

Kayak out of the cove and turn right to head towards Durdle Door, the sea is a little choppy here, but it all adds to the fun! Make sure you leave enough space to navigate away from the rocks.

Durdle Door
On your right hand side you will begin to approach the beach. There are steps down to part of the beach from the Durdle Door tourist attraction site, therefore the main part of the beach does get busy during a sunny weekend. Before you reach this, there is a separate stretch of beach joined by a small pathway across the rocks, this is where you should head for, you will have a much more peaceful day here with the feeling of being secluded and away from the main hustle and bustle of the main Durdle Door site.

Durdle Door
Have a break here and enjoy the amazing views, turquoise sea & caves. It’s an absolutely beautiful place and you can easily forget you are still in the UK!

Durdle Door Beach

Head right out of the Cove to reach Durdle Door where you can explore the area from a different perspective before heading back to Lulworth Cove.


Take plenty of water and remember to check the tide times! Tidal flow changes roughly every 6 hours. The weather is another important factor to check before heading out, make sure you pack extra layers if needed, and pay attention to the wind speed. Pay particular attention when the tide and wind are heading out to sea, as this can drag you out pretty quickly especially around the mouth of a harbour. This can be especially never-racking for beginners as it’s difficult to recognise what is happening before you’re swept out a good distance. It also makes getting back to your destination extremely difficult.


Park at Lulworth Cove main car park for easy access down to the sea if carrying water sports equipment.

Where to Stay

Forge Cottage

Dream Cottages have a wealth of properties dotted throughout East and West Lulworth. Forge Cottage and Little Forge are sister adjoining properties which makes them the perfect location for a large family stay, sleeping up to 10 people between them.

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