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As families provide bookings all year round, its a good idea to add some child friendly additions to your Dorset holiday let.

Parents with very young children may choose to book a holiday out of season and the 6 weeks’ summer holidays and half terms attract families with school age children. Taking little ones away can be hard work and sometimes isn’t always the break parents hope for.

Read the Dream Cottages suggestions to help make your holiday let child friendly and ensure parents have a worry free stay.

Baby and Child Equipment

high chair

Safety is of course top of the list for all parents. Most people know that you need eyes in the back of your head when small children are around.

It is important to ensure that you have child proofed your holiday let as much as reasonably possible. Stair gates should be available for guests to fit at the top and bottom of the stairs.

If you have a fire at your property, then a fire guard must be in place. Having equipment such as travel cots and highchairs are also beneficial.

This means that families can travel lighter without the hassle of having to bring with them these bulky essentials. Offer smaller cutlery for little hands and plastic plates and bowls to prevent breakages.


It is the inevitable that at some stage children are going to say those dreaded words… ‘I’m bored!’. Whether it’s waiting for everybody to get ready to head out for the day or waiting for Mum to cook dinner.

You can provide a selection of DVDs and board games to allow children to keep themselves entertained – giving their parents some peace. And there’s nothing like a game of Monopoly to bring loved ones together on a family night in!

Outside Space

Fencing off any swimming pools or ponds is the first step in making sure the outside space at your property is safe.

The garden should be enclosed and gates securely locked so that parents feel at ease letting their children run off some steam.

A seating area is a good option and allow grown-ups to watch the little ones play while enjoying a cuppa. Its a lovely touch to add some outdoor play equipment too!

Bathroom Considerations

A bath is a welcoming addition for guests with small children. Having one at your property will make parents’ lives much easier when it comes to the bedtime routine.

Provide a non-slip bathmat to help prevent falls.

A toddler step is also really useful to help little ones brush their teeth and wash their faces.

Assessing Hazards

A quick visual check around your property can go along way in making sure it is child friendly. Simple steps can be taken to safeguard your young guests. Put cleaning products in high level cupboards or, if low down, attach a safety lock.

Remove sharp knives from the cutlery drawer and have them out of reach in a knife block on the side. Ensure furniture is strong and sturdy and don’t put anything too valuable in the property that would leave you heartbroken if damaged.

These small additions can make a vast difference to a family’s stay. You may even have them booking time and time again and recommending your property to their friends with kids!

Mention family days out and local children’s activities in any welcome literature and recommend child friendly places to eat.