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So you’ve decided to holiday let your property but are you lacking in inspiration on how to name your Dorset Holiday Cottage?

With over 30 years of experience in holiday letting, we know where to start in finding the perfect name for your property.

There are many things to consider, it’s like a creating a brand name that will define your property and appeal to potential guests.

Read our top tips below on how to name your property to showcase it’s full potential.

Culture, Language and History

The Chapel. Lulworth

Dorset has a strong cultural and historical identity, this can be a great way to find a name for your holiday cottage. Names like The Old School House, The Dairy, Way’s Forge give an authentic feel and instantly translates the history behind the property.

Older properties often have dates carved into the brickwork and you can look at local archives. If the property is up for sale, it might already come with all the information.

A unique name is more likely to be remembered and will raise potential guest’s curiosity. St Mary’s Chapel in West Lulworth is so called because of it’s history as a working chapel in the village. The property has been restored with modern touches but still pays homage to its background which is reflected in the name.

Be Specific

Apple Tree Cottage Garden

Name your cottage associating it with something specific about the property. For example, Little Retreat is a cosy romantic place for two. Apple Tree Cottage makes you think about apples and blooming trees in the garden somewhere in the countryside. Townbridge Penthouse is near the town bridge in Weymouth and gives a feeling of spacious accommodation with harbour views.


Bowleaze Cove

One of the easiest ways to figure out how to name your holiday cottage is to think about where the property is.

Take a look at the nearby cottages, you don’t want a duplicate.

If the cottage is in Weymouth bay and it’s an apartment, why not to call it Weymouth Bay apartment? And, if there are two or more, why not to add letters A, B or C? For example, we have Weymouth Bay apartment B and C.

Quite a lot of our properties are with sea views, so they might be called Sea Drift, Seascape, Seaside Apartment.

If you are not too far from local or natural landmarks, maybe add them into the name? Jurassic Coast House or Lulworth Cove Cottage are perfect examples.

Local Flora and Fauna

Views of Swanage Pier

Local wildlife can become a great asset when thinking on how to name your holiday cottage. Flowers and trees are one of the most popular inspiration sources when it comes to naming a holiday cottage. You might want to name it after the flower guests might find in the garden or a scent in the house.  Names such as Whispering Pines Cottage, The Pines, The Palms give a cozy, homely and romantic feel.

If the property is by the sea, you could go for sea creature names such as Seahorse Cottage, Sea Star.

Family Name

Rupert Cottage

The cottage, apartment or a house is yours – so why not to name it after something that means a lot to you? Use your surname or name and put a stamp on it. Names of children and pets can be popular choices too. Rupert Cottage is named after one of the horses that used to work for the Brewery in Hope Square.

How to name your Dorset Holiday Cottage

We know that it’s still hard to choose the name for your Dorset holiday cottage even with all of these tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Get in touch with our team now and we will help you to find a perfect name!