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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Reservations and bookings are accepted by Dream Cottages Limited in accordance with our following Terms and Conditions.

1. Dream Cottages (hereinafter referred to as The Company) acts entirely as a booking Agent on behalf of the Owner of the accommodation (who can be contacted care of Dream Cottages and also via the holiday property address). Once the holiday reservation has been confirmed in writing the contract is between the person (hereinafter referred to as The Holidaymaker) making the booking who also agrees to be responsible for all other members of his or her party as listed on the booking form and the Owner of the holiday property (hereinafter referred to as The Owner).

2. The Company cannot accept liability for the acts or omissions of the cottage Owners, their authorised representatives or of any person in the employment of The Company. The Company does not warrant and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any verbal or written information or statements made by its servants or agents. All sizes and distances are approximated. Errors and Omissions Excepted.
3. Reservations will be made upon receipt of a deposit of one-third of the total cost of the holiday or full payment if the holiday is less than 8 weeks away plus an additional booking fee. The applicant who must be over 21 years of age agrees to our terms and conditions on behalf of all the persons who will occupy the property during the said period booked.
4. The owners of certain properties will require a refundable security deposit to be paid prior to the commencement of any booking. In such cases The Company reserves the right to pass on your details so that the owner concerned may contact you to arrange payment. Failure to comply with such a request will be treated as a cancellation and any money paid to The Company will be forfeited. Any security deposit will be refunded within 14 days subject to a satisfactory property check.
5. Payment of the balance of the total cost of the holiday booking is due eight weeks before the date on which the holiday is to commence. Failure by the Holidaymaker to ensure that such payment reaches The Company by this date may result in the cancellation of the holiday and forfeiture of any money previously paid.
6. The information/photographs regarding each holiday property has been compiled as accurately as possible at the time of going to press. However facilities or physical attributes may be ALTERED or WITHDRAWN at any time in which case neither The Company or Owner accepts any responsibility for such events.
7. The Holidaymaker undertakes to keep the premises and all furniture fixtures and fittings in or on the premises in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the holiday and also undertakes to leave the premises in the same state of cleanliness and order as when they arrived. The Owner of the property must be compensated by the Holidaymaker for any damage and breakages which may occur and excess cleaning that is required. Examples of this would be having to re-wash dirty kitchenware and the repositioning of furniture that has been moved and not put back again. The Company reserves the right to charge an additional administration fee for its time in dealing with any such occurrence. Any damage and breakages should be reported by guests to Dream Cottages before guests depart. Sole interpretation of this will be by The Company or the Owner.
8. The Owner of the property or his representative is to be allowed access to the property at any reasonable time whether occupied or not and at any time in the event of an emergency.

9. The number of persons using the holiday property is not to exceed at any time the maximum number stated in the property description.
10. If you find it necessary to cancel your holiday this contract is legally binding and means that you will still be liable for the full cost of the holiday. We therefore strongly recommend that you take out your own holiday insurance policy. Any cancellation must be made in writing and sent to The Company by Recorded Delivery post.

11. The Company and/or the owner/s of the property do not accept liability or pay any compensation where a property becomes unavailable due to ‘force majeure’. This describes any event which Dream Cottages and/or the owner(s) could not avoid. These events are to include but are not limited to storm or weather damage, criminal damage, break- in, explosion, fire, pest infestation, flood, which causes destruction or damage to the property making the property not satisfactory for letting. Also included are adverse weather conditions, riots, industrial action, civil strife, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, oil spills, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity and all similar situations beyond Dream Cottages or the owner(s) control.

12.  The Company will not accept any liability for the cancellation of any advertised local events or services.

13. In the event of you cancelling your holiday and you either have no insurance provision or the policy you have does not cover your reason for cancelling you must still pay the full cost of the holiday to The Company. In such cases The Company will make every effort to re-let the property for the period booked. If successful a refund of monies will be paid less an administration charge of £40 plus our booking fee and any banking / credit card charges associated with the booking. A deduction will also be made if the rebooking is subject to any promotional price reduction or if it is for a shorter period the application of such is at the sole discretion of the company. If the Company is unable to re-let the property then as stated above you will be liable to pay The Company the full cost of the holiday.
14. Once the booking reservation has been confirmed The Holidaymaker and party members as listed on the booking have the right to occupy the reserved property for a holiday within the meaning of Schedule 1 Paragraph 9 of the Housing Act 1988.
15. On occasions it may be necessary for The Company to make a material alteration to your holiday arrangements. In this event every effort will be made to provide alternative arrangements of comparable standard or a full refund of monies will be made but neither The Company or the Owner shall be under any other liability.

16. The Company reserves the right to refuse any booking and the Owner reserves the right to cancel any booking already made if the property becomes unavailable subject to The Company refunding in full any sums you have paid but neither The Company or the Owner shall be under any other liability.

17. If the Holidaymaker fails to observe any of the conditions or if a Holidaymaker undertakes any kind of unruly drunken or anti-social behaviour then the Owner or his representative will have the right to enforce the Holidaymaker to vacate the property at once without any recompense.

18. Neither The Company, the Owner or third Party Owners of car parking spaces or permits which have been hired will be liable to any person or member of a holiday booking for any personal injury, loss, theft, fine, parking ticket or damage to property however sustained or caused, nor for the loss or theft of money. The Holidaymaker is responsible for the parking permit during its hire and for its safe return. Charges will apply to replace missing permits.

19. At all properties where pets are permitted they must not be left unattended in the property at any time and must never be allowed into bedrooms or onto furniture. It is also the sole responsibility of pet owners to clear up and responsibly dispose of any pet waste. The total number of pets at the property cannot exceed the number agreed on your booking at any time. Please note that The Company cannot guarantee that properties advertised as not accepting pets have never had a pet in them at any time in the past.

20. Once payment has been received and confirmation issued holiday properties and dates booked are non-transferable.

21. We cannot take responsibility for lost property. We regret that due to the amount of belongings which have previously had to be collected from holiday properties and forwarded to Holidaymakers a collection fee plus postage will be applicable. Left or lost property received will only be held by The Company for a maximum period of 6 weeks post booking after which it will be disposed of.

22. The Company endeavours to carry out everything possible to ensure that you have an enjoyable and successful holiday however should a problem occur please try to obtain satisfaction from the OWNER OR HIS / HER REPRESENTATIVE during your holiday. If this fails then please telephone The Company immediately so that all reasonable steps may be taken to solve the problem, the office is normally open 7 days a week. A problem cannot be resolved by the Owner or The Company unless details are made known as soon as it is encountered. If the Holidaymaker vacates the property prematurely as a result of any alleged dissatisfaction or makes any form of claim upon return from the holiday and has not followed the procedure as above then no liability for any subsequent claim will be accepted or correspondence entered into. If on arrival Holidaymakers are not satisfied with the cleaning of the property The Company reserves the right to request the original or an alternative cleaner to return and attend to matters. No compensation claim will be considered if cleaning problems are attended to within 24 hours of first being reported. Disputes of this nature must be reported within 24 hours of arrival. Our complaints procedure is available on our website: www.dream-cottages.co.uk.

23. Many older properties were built prior to modern Building Regulations and may not have a damp proof course, safety glass etc. Some properties may tend to be damp which may appear after long periods of bad weather. The stairs may be steep, narrow or twisty: where possible this is mentioned in the property description but if this is a particular cause for concern, it is the Holidaymakers’ responsibility to ask for further details. Rural properties attract cobwebs – which can appear overnight after cleaning.

24. The Company and Owner endeavour to be on call at all reasonable hours of the day. However if the Holidaymaker arrives at a property outside of office hours it may not be possible to attend to any problems or incidents until the following day. It is the Holidaymakers responsibility to ensure their arrival time is during office hours.

25. Published prices may change during the year. Brochure prices are correct at time of print only. For the most up-to-date prices ring 01305 789000 or visit our website: www.dream-cottages.co.uk.

26. Payment by Debit Card / Credit Card attracts no extra charge.

27. Any dispute between the parties involved in the contract shall be settled according to English Law.

28. Please note that internet access where offered in any particular property is intended for recreational purposes only and is not meant for business use. Speed/service may vary depending on the package obtained by the owner. Should guests experience difficulties or loss of use neither the owner nor Dream Cottages will be held responsible in any way.

29. Holidaymakers personal possessions may not be insured at the holiday properties under the Owners household insurance Holidaymakers should check their own personal insurance provision in this regard. The Company strongly advises that Holidaymakers should take out their own insurance provision in case they or a member of their party damages the property in any way and the Owner wishes to be recompensed for said damage.

30. All properties are non smoking and non vaping.

31. Accidents must be reported within 24 hours.

32. Where swimming pools are included as part of the facilities in a holiday property it is on the understanding that they are unsupervised and that it is your responsibility to ensure that children and non-swimmers are supervised at all times. Access will be required by The Company or Owner to maintain the pool during your stay.