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Holiday letting your property in Dorset
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How to start holiday letting your property in Dorset?

If you are thinking of holiday letting your property in Dorset, then you will find these top tips helpful in setting you off on the right foot. Read about what things you need to consider when buying a property for holiday let.


One of the most important things to consider is location. Should it be a seaside house or a thatched countryside cottage tucked away in a quaint village? This decision will have a huge impact on the property’s rental value and the number of weeks its occupied.

If you are planning to maintain your holiday let yourself, look to find a property within a short travelling distance of your home. Use UK Distance Calculator!

How to start holiday letting your property in Dorset - Pitt Cottage


To ensure your guests have the most pleasant holiday, think about allocating money to furnishing your property to a high standard. Choose your furnishings wisely, taking into account the volume of guests, durability and good quality furniture that will save you money in a long run. Our team of experts are happy to help if you are struggling to find the right items for your home!

We will talk a bit more about furnishings in one of our future posts.

Additional Features and Facilities

Certain features and facilities add a huge value to a holiday property. For example, hot tubs, swimming pools and conservatories are the first to book. Think about parking, garden, maybe a fire place or a wood burner in the living room. Don’t forget to check the mobile reception in the area and install WiFi – this feature is expected as standard these days! Of course you need to consider maintenance of the swimming pool and hot tub, but if you need some guidance in deciding what would best suit for your property, we can help.


A lot of people consider pets as their family members and they don’t want to leave their pups at home. The demand for pet friendly properties is ever increasing and in our experience welcoming pets to your property can increase bookings, especially if it’s a one or two-bedroom property. We have more than 120 pet friendly properties on our books. If you are thinking about holiday letting your property in Dorset which is pet friendly, we will share some pet proofing property tips in a future post.




One of the most important things to consider is how to maintain a clean and fresh holiday home. Hiring a cleaner will definitely reduce the amount of work your holiday let requires from you and will make changeovers smoother. We at Dream Cottages have our own cleaning team offering a range of services on your behalf. All this means you can relax and enjoy the benefits that holiday letting brings without any worry.

Key safe

We know that some owners prefer to greet their guests in person, but some live overseas and don’t have that option. Most of our properties have key safes. It saves trouble if guests are arriving late at night or decide to leave very early in the morning.

Welcome pack

Welcome packs are a nice gesture and don’t have to be pricey! Furthermore, they save the trip to the shop for your guests. The packs usually contain tea, coffee, sugar, fresh jug of milk, locally made cookies or a loaf of bread. If your cottage is on a farm, you may want to prepare a fresh bowl of fruit or vegetables. If you are planning to set up a luxury holiday home, a welcome pack is a necessity and will be expected to have some additional goodies in it!

Information pack

The information pack is guests go-to source of information with the most important details about your property. It includes appliances, emergency contact and local attractions and the best places to eat. If you wish to do so, you can go ‘the extra mile’! A good idea is to work with local businesses and see if they could offer guests a discount.


There are a lot of other things to consider if you are thinking about holiday letting your property in Dorset. We have over 25 years of experience, so you are welcome to chat with our experts. To find out more, contact us via email or call 01305 789000 option 2.

Browse through our portfolio, you might get some ideas too!

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