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With the Jurassic Coast currently making a staring role on Tv, there is no better time to explore this very special world heritage site.


The Jurassic Coast and its history of fossil hunting and dinosaurs seems to be creating quite a buzz, with the BBC4 broadcast, Beach Live airing from Charmouth Beach, Dippy the Natural History museums famous Diplodocus spending the first half of the year at the Dorchester Museum and Sir David Attenborough’s Sea Dragon series all about the mysterious Ichthyosaur discovered on the Jurassic Coast.

Fossil hunting is a fantastic activity for all the family, with several Dorset beaches offering guided fossil walks, and advice on where best to find the best fossils.

Lyme Regis is probably the most well-known of the fossil beaches, but look further afield and you will find that there are plenty of hidden gems to be found all along the Jurassic Coast, from the ammonite beds at Burton Bradstock, to Brachiopods at Cogden Beach and the fossil forest at Lulworth Cove.

You can easily while away the hours looking for fossils, and with so many great resources to hand why not give it a try this summer.

Here is a handy guide to safe fossil collecting.

  • Always check you’re allowed to collect them, not all beaches permit this.
  • Check the tides and weather conditions.
  • Wear suitable clothing and footwear
  • Never hammer or dig into cliff face or ledges.
  • Be very careful around cliffs, never sit on cliff edges or under or near rock falls.


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